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In order to beat the world record for non-stop movie watching, you're going to have to stay up for 123 hours and watch at least 57 films. Guinness lets you have a ten minute break after every film but if you even look away or take a long blink, you're out (and no, you can't do drugs!). This documentary was meant to casually follow eight contestants as they competed to break the world record and also take home the $10,000 prize Netflix offered every winner.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned. You see, the primary side effect of sleep deprivation is dementia. So, when the crew decided to stay up with the contestants, everyone lost their minds at an equally alarming rate. Contestants tapped out after hallucinating, the host became a cartoon, and a giant bunny head became a deadly weapon. Drugs and violence seemed to be the only sane thing about this five day head-trip and the end result is more of a look inside a Plexiglass loony bin than a documentary about world records. When the money man behind this film saw their investment wrought, the filmmakers were promptly fired and the film was thrown in the trash never to be seen again.

We're not going to tell you how we got it but we got it and now it's yours. Please don't tell anyone you have this. We could get in a heap of s**t.

Jul 07th, 2023

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