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Ep 205 | J Lo Bares Her Soul | Get Off My Lawn

We start the show with a Halloween recap of all the kids Gavin and Ryan scared the crap out of at his house. Turns out, just wearing a scary costume is useless without some good jump scares. We also cringe at Shrek and laugh at how much Heidi Klum hates being dressed up as him. Then, we switch gears entirely and get deep in the weeds with the election and talk to smart guys about what they think is going to happen. Styxhexenhammer may be a Satanist but he has an incredible grasp on the competitive seats up for grabs. Looks like the right will win bigly in the Senate but not so much in the House. Then, we grab James O’Keefe at the airport and ask him why he completely obliterated Andrew Gillum’s campaign and bashed the entire state of Florida with a red wave tsunami.

Nov 01st, 2018

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