"Someday a real rain will come and wash all the scum off the sidewalks."
Decent people wonder, will it ever rain again?

New York City stands for certain basic principles. Protect criminals. Disarm regular people. Defund the police. Water the weeds and let the fruit rot.

Grizzled retired detective Pete Panuccio joins me to talk about these important concepts and how following them has predictably run amok.

A cab driver with a ridiculous foreign name is shot at by some dude, and we have the video.

4 kids, stabbed in city schools in the span of an hour.

But while the city waits for another Bernard Goetz, you can check out a map showing the hottest nabes in NYC where a single gal can find the husband she's looking for!

Plus, Douglas Nelson's New York Post Stories, all in this banger episode of the show that gives you a reason to live.

May 16th, 2024

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