Beers and banter with Dusty and Reanu Keeves
- The Defence Minister has confirmed more US marines will be stationed in Australia's north as he warned of an increasingly complex and "far less predictable" period than any time since the second World War
- Why was Greta Thunberg 'fatshamed' and accused of being an 'environmental princess' by Chinese state media?
- England cricketer Ollie Robinson has now been suspended from all international matches over some edgy tweets he posted when he was a teenager in yet another foul example of cancel culture.
- Australian politician Clive Palmer believes Queensland would not have suffered a 44-point defeat in the State of Origin series opener if Israel Folau had been selected.
-"If Kid Rock using the word f - - - - t offends you, good chance you are one,"
- Research Article in Medical Journal Describes Whiteness as 'Malignant, Parasitic-Like Condition

Jun 15th, 2021

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